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Our goal is huge, yet simple: to teach meditation and mindfulness to as many people as possible. To demystify the mystical understanding of what enlightenment really means. To give much needed help to those who could use a hand in dealing with the stress of the constantly changing world.


Hemitation offers various of categories of the most unique sounds, all the way from mediation, mindfulness and yoga exercises that can help you in just few minutes per day to world class sleeping sounds that help you to calm your body and get the most out of your sleep. With over 800K listens, Hemitation’s adult bed time sounds have helped thousands of people around the globe improve sleep quality with music and nature sounds from leading artists, and serene soundscapes, expertly tailored to your needs.

Our Blog

Hemitation connects you with thousands of likeminded individuals, who share similar passions, knowledge, tips and stories. Read daily posts that will guide you to various techniques and to adopting some of the world's best practices for meditation. Tell us your story and give your feedback to those who also share and want to inspire others. Hemitation is easy to learn and enjoyable to practice. It’s not a religion or philosophy, it's a lifestyle. The Hemitation blog brings together personal stories, media coverage, and the latest research on the meditation technique.

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